‘Hi there! I’m Savanna, but most people call me Sav. I’m a thirty-something wanderluster on a quest to find the most soul-filling “bucket list” adventures all around the world. I got bit by the proverbial “travel bug” when I was in my early 20s and expected it to subside as I got older; the exact opposite has happened, and I’m just as excited for my next trip as I was my first. Travel is the best form of self-care that I know of, and it fills me in a way that nothing else has been able to match; I am an unabashed foodie, I feel at home in botanical gardens, my longest love affair has been with baroque architecture, and the thought of archaeological ruins makes smile so big that my cheeks hurt. I also have a passion for storytelling in all its forms, which is how Go Travel Far was born!

As of mid-2023, I’ve visited nearly 40 countries and over 25 US states with no plans of stopping any time soon. A lifetime of travel has equipped me to be able to help empower YOU to plan the most ideal journey for your budget, goals, and travel “bucket list” dreams. I’m so honored to be able to share in your travel journey!

The world has felt scary for the past few years, but it is really filled with beautiful ad wonderful things; a celebration of the beauty and majesty feels like exactly what I need, and I know others do too. I’m so very excited to share in this journey with you!