Hi there! I’m Sav, a thirty-something wanderluster with a passion for good food, adventures, and storytelling in all forms. I’ve visited nearly 40 countries and 25 US states, many of them solo, and I want to help YOU plan your ideal trip.

Go Travel Far is a mindset much more than it is a physical journey. You don’t have to physically “travel far” to experience the beauty and profundity of travel, but we do encourage it if you get the chance! The magic of travel involves adapting and growing; witnessing beautiful places that will last longer than our bones will; and sharing with others in deep, meaningful ways. Regardless of what “far” means to you, we want to help you make “traveling far” a possibility!

I’ve learned so much throughout my travels and I’m thrilled to be able to help empower YOU to make every journey the “trip of a lifetime”. Whether you’re new to traveling altogether, eager to dip your toes into solo travel, or you’re a seasoned traveler looking for inspiration for your next adventure, Go Travel Far has something for you!